Respiratory Services

Redding California Respiratory Services

Owens Healthcare provides quality, state of the art Respiratory Services equipment and supplies to patients and caregivers.

Redding Respiratory Oxygen

Owens Healthcare provides the oxygen system most appropriate for each patient’s lifestyle. Stationary and portable oxygen systems, high-pressure cylinders, and oxygen concentrators are provided according to the physician’s prescription. Consideration for the activity level of each patient is also taken into account. Owens Healthcare regularly monitors each patient to insure the proper treatment plan is followed and is meeting compliance requirements. Regularly monitoring patient compliance increases the likelihood that patients will receive the maximum benefit from the prescribed therapy.

Redding California Oxygen Concentrators
Oxygen Concentrators

Patients using oxygen concentrators can receive continuous oxygen without the worry of running empty. Patient mobility is enhanced by the use of a concentrator, which can be easily moved to any location in the home.

Redding California Cylinder Oxygen
Cylinder Oxygen

Depending on the liter flow (high or low), we offer many oxygen cylinder options.

Redding California Oxygen Conserving Devices
Oxygen Conserving Devices

Oxygen conserving devices are used to keep the oxygen from escaping and maximize the usable hours of the cylinder. These devices offer the patients mobility and longer use of the system.

Redding California Nebulizers

Nebulizers are a delivery system for respiratory medications. The nebulizer transforms medications into an aerosol, which the patient easily takes in by inhaling. These medications can be conveniently delivered to the patient’s home to ensure preservation and product integrity. Owens Healthcare unique follow-up program maximizes patient compliance, according to the physicians therapy plan.

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